A message from Christina:

As Red Rufus SockAnimals are made by me in my home studio in Dublin, they are completely ethically made.  This year I am particularly concerned to reduce the amount of waste both at home and in my business.  We have changed all our packaging to paper and cotton, so each SockAnimal will be delivered in a re-useable, cotton Red Rufus tote bag, in a paper envelope. Our swing tags are cardboard.  Any larger boxes we use for wholesale deliveries, we obtain from large stores that we supply to, so we just keep the cardboard going around!

Socks are used to make our products, which are stuffed with toy stuffing and embellished with felt, fabric and ribbon.  We recycle everything that we can, including our fabric cuttings.

Of course, buying a Red Rufus product means that you are investing in something really special that you'll want to keep forever.  A step in the right direction of living a life with more quality and less stuff.

This is an on-going process, so please keep checking in!

Thank you!