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We love to know about our SockAnimals once they're out in the world, in their new homes, with their new humans. 
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SockAnimals on holiday, being hugged, eating, drinking and generally having fun - we want to see them! 
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Little girl hugging a Red Rufus SockDog in dim lighting
Baby with a pink Red Rufus SockDog Compliation of kids with their Red Rufus SockDogs

Two boys with their brightly coloured Red Rufus SockDogs

Newborn baby and a big cream Red Rufus SockDog

Little girl with personalised Red Rufus SockDog in pink
Little girl carrying her large pink Red Rufus SockDog Little girl outside with her large Red Rufus SockDog
Bride and Groom with their Red Rufus SockBear Family Red Rufus SockBear in the Showcase Fashion Show RDS Dublin
Girl with Red Rufus SockDog in pink and purple Two children playing with Christmas Red Rufus SockDogs
Girl hugging her Red Rufus SockDog Mother and daughter with black and white checked Red Rufus SockDog
Sleeping child with personalised Red Rufus stripy SockDog Boy and Girl with Red Rufus SockDogs in front of a Christmas tree
Sleeping girl with her Red Rufus SockDog Boy and a girl smiling with their Red Rufus SockAnimals