Rufus through the years

Born in Finglas, North Dublin to breed champion parents (his mother was an Ardbraccan champion and his father a Polish champion), Rufus came to live with Christina and her family when he was 13 weeks old.  
A gaggly, skinny, timid puppy, who whimpered all the way home and cried for his dog mummy all night.  He would only sip water from Christina's hand and soon a trusting attachment was formed, as the little puppy grew into a large, boisterous, beautiful dog.

Over the years, Rufus has brought comfort, joy, companionship and care to all of us, he's truly a part of our family.

These days, he's middle aged and doesn't suffer puppies too well, but he still loves his walks and playing with the family.  Always attracting attention when he's out and about, he's been known to lean on passing strangers if they stop near him! 

Shortbread is still an absolute favourite, as are tennis balls.  Strangely he loves his vegetables, especially cucumber and carrots!

Rufus has a love/hate relationship with cats.  He'd love to get close to one, but they terrify him so he just stops dead and stares (sets) until the cat saunters away

As you can see from this image gallery, Rufus leads a good life!  He's full of life, character and beauty.  I'm so happy to have a place to share my images of him and  I'll keep adding as I get more. 

I hope you enjoy looking at these images! 


 Red Rufus the Irish Setter - Glenageary 2019 Red Rufus the Irish Setter on his walks at Killiney Hill Dublin Red Rufus the Irish Setter with his tennis balls

Rufus the Red Setter - with SockDogs

Rufus the Irish Setter of Red Rufus swimming in the sea at Seapoint in Dublin
Rufus the Irish Setter in the long grass.
Rufus running on the beach looking fierce Rufus in the snow
Rufus the Irish Setter tugging a SockDog Rufus the Irish Setter hugging a SockDog Red Rufus the Irish Setter sleeping with this SockDog
Rufus the Irish Setter an image showing his paws Rufus the Irish Setter in front of flowers Rufus the Irish Setter
Boy with Rufus the Irish Setter as a puppy Girl with Rufus the Irish Setter as a puppy Rufus the Irish Setter as a puppy with a young girl