Darcy SockDino, the lesser known Rufosaurus

We're excited about our new friend here at Red Rufus.  He's a SockDinosaur, very striking in colour being black and white, with spectacular orange spikes.  Darcy's eyes are wide set and he has a gentle air about him.
Darcy SocKDino, black and white striped dinosaur with orange spikes, felt eyes|Red Rufus
Darcy might be a SockDino, but he's unsure of the world and needs lots of reassurance. Rather timid in nature, Darcy loves to chat one on one.  You'll often find him digging at the bottom of the garden indulging his hobby.  You see, Darcy is rather keen on geology and can talk for hours about rocks.  Well, everyone has their "thing"!
Darcy SockDino, black and white stripes with orange spikes and felt eyes|Red Rufus
Darcy SockDino is made from a cotton rich, black and white striped pair of socks.  His eyes are felt and his spikes are orange felt back with 100% cotton material.  Darcy measures 42cm long and is 23cm tall.  He's a new product for 2017!
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