Barney, Boris and Brio

Barney, Boris and Brio

We loved Brio in this house when everyone was smaller.  I'd sit on the floor with all three children and together we'd build the most fantastical railways for the little brightly coloured trains to chug along.

Of course the SockDogs love it too, especially Barney, the naughty, clumsy puppy and charming Boris, who can't resist either.  The  wooden track and blocks, little engines and trees, wooden people and bridges come tumbling out of the canvas bag with a loud clattering noise.  Alerted, Barney and Boris are right there, noses sniffing, ready to play, tails wagging.

Barney and Boris SockDog Playing with Brio|Red Rufus

Boris helps Barney to construct the track, it's not so easy for little, clumsy puppies, but soon they have a line and the games can start.

Do you like Brio as much as these little SockDogs? 

Boris, he just attracts attention where ever he goes, he's charming and loves to be with people.  He makes everyone feel special, that's his gift.


Barney, the bouncing, clumsy puppy.  He's liable to knock everything over and slobber, so you've been warned.



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