Cooking for Rufus

Cooking for Rufus

About six months ago, I had an instinctive feeling that I wasn't doing the best for Rufus by feeding him kibble.  He didn't particularly like it and it just felt like I was rearing him on tv dinners.  So I told the family that I was going to start cooking for Rufus - that was received with chuckles, as I don't particularly like cooking.  What they don't realise is, I don't like cooking for them as they moan, want different things and generally take any pleasure out of serving a meal, but with Rufus it's very different.......

He LOVES my cooking......he's not hard to please, as long as there's meat involved!  He waits sweetly watching my every move as I prepare his food, he lies patiently as I cool his bowl and meal in the fridge and then wolves down the food, without hesitation or complaint.  

Rufus' menus aren't the most exciting.   Sanne dog dishes are usually minced beef or liver with rice or oats,  whatever veggies I have in the freezer (carrots, broccoli, spinach, peas) and water.  I look for cheaper cuts of meat, or the meat that is being sold cheaper at the end of day.  I cook it up on that day and store it in fridge.  I only really cook for Rufus a day in advance.  Tinned mackerel and tuna in sunflower oil are also good for a change from meat.


Chicken doesn't seem to work with Rufus, it gives him a funny tummy so I avoid it.  I'm sure he'd like it though!

Recently on facebook, Rufus' breeder Trudy Walsh of Ardbraccan Irish Setters shared this article on big brand dog food from  It emphasises exactly what I thought.

You may be wondering about what Rufus' is eating out of.....well it's an old potty on legs, with a dog bowl in place of the actual potty.  Works a treat and is just the right height for him!






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