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The beginning.....

Christina started Red Rufus from the ironing board, literally!  Two things happened that encouraged the business along.  Firstly, Christina's mother in law, very kindly, gave her a sewing machine for her birthday, with the slightly challenging words, "Let's see if you can do something useful with it!"  Secondly, we adopted Rufus and we fell in love.

For Christmas that year, somewhat "un-usefully" Christina decided to make the children a little gift from Rufus.  "What could be sweeter than a SockDog from the family dog!"  So she set about making, the task took forever and she was still sewing on Christmas Eve!

The original SockDogs were huge hits and friends started to comment on them and one friend ordered five as gifts.  This was the start and the business has grown organically, each leap forward followed by a little slither backwards. 

Jump forward to the end of 2010, when it was decided that what Red Rufus needed was a website - "how exciting", Christina thought, "a website!"  So a website developer was found, Christina was completely unaware of what was needed, the amount of input and work, but she did know exactly what she wanted the Red Rufus site to look like.  This certainty set her in good stead, as she rode the roller coaster of other people's opinions and ideas.  The finished first ever Red Rufus website was fabulous and was universally loved!

Very shortly after the website was launched towards the end of 2011, Christina appeared on RTE's Nationwide programme to promote Red Rufus.  The response was fantastic and although my website did not crash, it did sell the same SockDog over and over again, causing no end of problems obtaining the socks!  The days and weeks following the programme were a blur of activity, but Christina's little dream  business was definitely born and she loves it!