Covid-19 Update

January 2021.

Here in Ireland we are now in Level 5 lockdown again, which will last until the end of January and probably longer.

As I work alone from home, I am able to keep my business going, with ongoing safety precautions. I am aided by my brilliant courier and suppliers, who have all implemented safety precautions.

The postal services worldwide are now returning to normal for international orders.

Thank you all so much for your support, it means a lot and I appreciate every order, social media engagement and enquiry.

Willow with her SockUnicorn


There are some countries currently not accepting foreign post.  An Post have provided a list of countries they are able to send to and this list is being updated all the time.  I am very happy to hold orders for you and post them when the postal routes are open again.

Carry on keeping safe and don't forget to shop local!

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