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Christina of Red Rufus in her studion

Christina is the creator and designer at Red Rufus, always hands on and nurturing the brand.   "It all sort of happened by accident, but I'm so pleased it did!"

Half Greek – half English, Christina grew up in the ruggedly beautiful countryside of Northumberland in the North of England.  In 1995, Christina married Mikal, who is Norwegian, so their three children span Europe!  Since then, the family has lived in five countries and these experiences have influenced Christina's style and encouraged a love of craft, especially sewing.

Not formally trained in sewing or design, Christina explores construction and production methods and challenges herself continuously to produce a higher standard of design and handiwork.  "I actually enjoy the constraints of designing, using a pair of socks as the starting point."

 Brought up to love and respect animals, Christina tries to capture the spirit of the creatures she recreates, taking into account the colours and fabrics of Ireland.   Rufus is ever present and always provides a calming influence in the daily hustle and bustle of small business life.