Our Story - celebrating 10 years

Rufus, the Irish Setter, came to live with the family at the very end of 2008. The sweet, gangly puppy was universally adored!  Christina set about making SockDogs for her children......

2010 A business named after a big red dog

A name and a logo were hatched, demand was established and we filmed a short film and by the end of the year we knew we needed a website!

2011 An Intensive Lesson

In at the deep end with no idea what was involved, the website was designed and launched.  These days I do my own website, how times have changed!

2012 Nationwide, website chaos

Towards the end of the year we appeared on Nationwide, causing a rush on SockDogs!  I had no idea that this would happen, we got all the orders out.....eventually.

2013 A massive step

Christina took her brand to the wholesale market in Design Ireland at Showcase.  We've done this every year since, bar 2019, when I took a break to re-focus!

2014 Kilkenny Shop Promo

 I did my first in-store promotional event in Kilkenny Shop on Nassau Street.  What a fantastic day, meeting and greeting, delighting customers with in-store personalisations.

2015 Best in show

This year saw new SockAnimals designs - Red Rufus winning Best Gift at Showcase for the new SockRabbit.

2016 Production Overwhelm

A year of making, perfecting and making more.  Orders were high, production was a fever pitch, we got through - just!

2017 Hello Embroidery machine

An embroidery machine was added to the tools and new look SockAnimals  emerged.  Personalisations became more sophisticated and varied, feet, noses and eyes became more professional!

2018 Delighted to design

I was delighted to design SockPigeons and Rats for the National Building Museum in Washington DC.  It was a great experience and challenged me.

2019 Looking to the future

The decade ended with Red Rufus being chosen for the Design Ireland shop in T2 at Dublin Airport.  Here's to the next 10 years continuing to bring a bit of whimsical fun to you all.