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Meet the girls......

100% cotton dollies dolls fisherman wool sock handmade made in ireland rag doll Red Rufus sockdoll sockgirl soft toys vintage wool socks

A big Red Rufus welcome to Clemmie, Ottilie and Imogen!  I love them, they are the new SockDolls.  It was such a luxury and a pleasure to make them.  Design-wise I wanted to keep them traditional looking and timeless, with soft gentle faces.  

Dolls handmade from socks with hand embroidered faces|Red Rufus


Their faces are hand embroidered by me, hair is wool and their dresses are 100% cotton fabric.  Of course they are made from socks, as are all the Red Rufus products. This time I used woollen fisherman's socks!   They feel study and huggable, I'm sure they are going to make some children very happy!

I am so looking forward to developing these designs and launching them officially at Showcase 2017.  In the meantime, here's some images........

Handmade SockDoll with green eyes, strawberry blond hair and an orange spotting dress | Red Rufus

Two SockDolls sitting together, one with green eyes and red hair, one with brown hair and brown eyes | Red Rufus


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