An image says it all!

An image says it all!

My oldest daughter Genevieve, sent me this sweet photo last night.  I just loved seeing it, out of the blue like that and realised that all three children were there.   I was expecting Josie, my youngest and suffering from the extreme form of morning sickness, which would see me hospitalised three times during that pregnancy.  It's not a particularly beautiful or flattering image, but I love it.  The memory of a quiet moment, when I didn't feel too sick, playing out in the garden with my tiny humans.

Christina and children | Red Rufus blog

18 years on and life is just so busy, snap shots are taken all the time and shared and kept, but somehow it's more difficult to see them!  We hardly have any photos as a family these days and when we do they're in someone's phone - rarely printed out and put in an album or a frame.  

Thinking about this made me wonder if people had sweet images of their SockAnimals, either with or without their child?  I would love to see them!  With this in mind, I started a hashtag #loveredrufus and a monthly competition to win a personalised SockAnimal of your choice.

It would be great to see the #loveredrufus hashtag become an album of lovely images of Red Rufus SockAnimals just doing their thing and bringing comfort and joy. 

So go and have a scout through your phone - find us on Facebook, Instagram or  Twitter and share your image - you could win a SockAnimal just in time to make someone happy this Christmas!

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