A day in the life of Rufus - the Red Setter who inspired a business.......

A day in the life of Rufus - the Red Setter who inspired a business.......

I’m already alert by the time my human, Christina, comes downstairs to make her coffee in the morning.  I’m a dog, so I can’t tell the time but I know it’s pretty early.  I always greet her with much enthusiasm because this way I’m more likely to get a little snack.

When I think she isn’t looking I’ll slip out of the kitchen and head directly to the cosy spot that Christina just left in her bed.  I might have a little snooze while Christina dresses and heads up to her attic studio.

 I don’t want to seem needy – and also bed is such a comfy place to be – so I’ll give it a couple of minutes before casually wandering up to the studio, acting surprised that Christina is even there, doing things called admin and emails which involve tapping away on her computer.  Who would have thought an animal making business would require so much typing and planning and so many phone calls? Not me, that’s for sure – and the whole thing is named after me!

I’ll lie down with a bit of a thump because despite appearances I am not always the most graceful boy, and pretend to sleep.  I like to think I’m a patient sort of chap but after a while I begin to get grumpy because we are due a walk.  I do have to be quite strict with Christina and remind her what, or more accurately who, is really important around here.  And so, by mid-morning and after a couple of heavy hints from me, Christina is ready for me to take her on a walk.

When we are out of the house Christina likes to multitask and get some errands done – post office and shops – on the way to the beach, and so I indulge her.  Also, I’m quite popular so I’ll let her go in by herself while I catch up with pals outside.  My best friends are Rocco who is a very big greyhound mix and Messie who is a miniature dachshund.  Sometimes we all walk our humans at the same time, which makes the task much more fun.

Christina likes to support small businesses and so she tends to buy her coffee in one of the many independent cafes around here.  However, I have a penchant for the shortbread in Starbucks and every so often we’ll go there.

As soon as we are at the beach it is ‘me’ time.  I love being off the lead and spend quite a while bounding around. Ideally, Christina will have a tennis ball in her pocket.  Aside from shortbread, there are few things in life better than a soggy tennis ball.

 At home Christina makes me some lunch.  Yes, she actually cooks for me! I tuck into mince, rice and veg.  I’m very healthy.  My human siblings who are teenagers might bring me steak home from their jobs – those are very happy days indeed.

 In the afternoon Christina disappears back to her studio for a long sewing stint.  She works so quickly because there are a lot of animals to bring to life, especially in the run up to Christmas, particularly reindeer for obvious reasons!  Christina sews using machines and by hand.  Her sewing machines are usually Brother Machines - although she is extremely excited to be upgrading to an industrial machine early next year!  She also has an overlocker and an embroidery machine.  She won’t let me use any of them, which is a bit silly really because she could do with the help!

 I’ll let her crack on and have some time out on the sofa but at some stage I’ll need to go upstairs and oversee Christina’s progress – make sure she’s under control and not getting too distracted by gossiping with the menagerie – Blanche, the sock cat in particular is fantastically verbose.

 It’s important for me to remind Christina who is top dog around here – and I find that the best way to do this is to lie down in the middle of the studio floor so that almost any task will involve me.  I’m not very good at ironing fabric or taking photos so I tend to leave that to Christina, but I make up for it having an excellent eye for a good sock and we’ll often collaborate when it comes to design.

Tea is at six – and I don’t let anyone forget it!  Then I put my paws up for the night.

Christina says I’m a spoilt dog but I disagree: it’s tough being a muse.


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